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Chartis life

Chartis provides personal lines insurance such as home insurance, contents cover, motor insurance as well as health and accident insurance as well as cover for identity theft. Chartis South Africa is the local division of the Chartis group, providing the company’s policies to local businesses and private individuals. Their range of business insurance policies include:

CHARTIS ASSET Insurance Policies

The business covers periodic resources for exceptional perils. Tractors, motor vehicles, freight, and inventory might be guaranteed to very likely perils like theft and damage, but in addition to terrorism and sabotage. This insurance policy program is un likely can be seen everywhere in South Africa, also logically against the neighborhood branch of a digital business.
Chartis additionally addresses stock if that it’s defective or becomes more polluted. In other words, it insures that the legal prices if some body that employs or absorbs your firm’s foods, beverage, makeup, tobacco or additives sues your own business to get private trauma.
Still another fantastic unlikely-to-be-found-elsewhere coverage would be your ecological accountability cover that handles the legal obligations and prices when your business is prosecuted for endangering Earth. Other sorts of liability insurance plan provided by Chartis south-Africa comprise people and employer’s obligation.
It is maybe not that they truly are paranoid, what with all the sabotage, terrorism and ecological accountability pay. They simply enjoy having foundations covered, even the abduction and extortion foundation. Clayton products and services have been all hired by Chartis to control examples of kidnapping and extortion and pay for repatriation and evacuation penalties. If associates of the small business in a foreign nation become under danger also, Chartis may pay for the expenses to ask them to evacuated and attracted household.
Chartis additionally offer technical small business protection including as for example marine pay (that will be very therapeutic for organizations in imports, logistics( and exports and transportation). To learn more about those along with also other insurance coverages on the offer you by Chartis south-Africa, check out the South African division of the site.
To get a wide selection of insurance quotes which shield your own businesses and resources in the perils that may perhaps not include things like destruction of this surroundings, so you also could complete our internet form. An insurance policy provider may provide you have a wide selection of insurance estimates.

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Here are some reviews By Different Clients :


I have been working at The Chartis Group full-time (More than 3 years)


The boutique firm so everyone knows everyone, friendly culture, Intellectually challenging environment, exposure to solving most challenging healthcare strategy issues at large hospital systems.


Lots of travel, demanding work, long hours


I have been working at The Chartis Group full-time


Great people, great clients – still rare to find such high-quality group focusing primarily on provider-based strategies


Growing company going through transition period – project staffing and support occasionally rough, especially for junior-level consultants and managers. Management was more focused on company culture in the past, changing as the firm is growing.


I have been working at The Chartis Group full-time (More than a year)


Mission-driven work at the forefront of healthcare strategy. There is a direct link between our projects and patient care, and my colleagues share a deeply held passion for the work we do. Relative to other consulting firms, we seem to take on more interesting and impactful engagements. We don’t really do cost work/supply chain/etc. and instead focus on things like clinical strategy/enterprise strategy/transition to … Show More


We have been doing fairly lean staffing on projects in the last year, which can lead to long hours and heavy workloads. The upside is that younger consultants often get direct, enriching experience with partners. Management knows that this can present challenges, and is doing a good job of communicating how they plan to address this.

Additionally, compensation is not quite on par with other top consulting … Show More

Advice to Management

The culture is a big draw, so focus on maintaining it. More work needs to be put into growing our brand at top MBA and grad schools. Continue to work on setting competitive compensation.

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